How To Style Cushions In Your Home

A well thought out collection of cushions is the finishing touch to any living room upgrade. Whether your goal is to create an elegant look, a cushion comfort heaven, or somewhere in-between, this guide will help you make the knowledge to style your cushion arrangement like a pro.

Whether you are looking to have bespoke cushions made from one of thousands of fabric choices, or buying them pre-made, this guide aims to help you pick the perfect cushion.

A Perfect Colour Palette

Picking the right colours for your cushions is the key to giving the room coherence, which is why we’ve put it first on our list. Imagine a dark, moody room, full of grey tones, with some bright pink, green and orange cushions and you can quickly see the issue. Pull inspiration from the colours that exist in the room, a piece of furniture, a rug or even a piece of art. Alternatively, you can always go for contrasting colours, which would work well in bold, electric rooms.

A Range of Different Shapes and Sizes

Don’t get us wrong, sometimes having cushions the same shape and size perfect for your space. Picture a big sofa with some large square cushions that can actually make falling asleep on the sofa comfortable. But, bringing in different sizes can bring height into your arrangement, and by having a larger cushion at the back with a small cushion in front, your sofa can feel much larger that if it were two large cushions.

Bringing in different shapes can help to break up what may otherwise appear to be a mountain of cushions. Most commonly you can find rectangular and circular cushions, as well as the standard square.

Prints and Texture

A plain printed fabric is the most versatile choice and the safest for those that don’t want to push the boat out. But there’s no need to limit your horizon should you want to set sail. At Anna Louisa Interiors we stock thousands of fabrics of which virtually all can be made into cushions. So, should you love a floral print, or perhaps a contemporary geometric print, then you will find it on our shelves. All sales pitching aside, don’t limit yourself to standard cushions off the shelf, make sure you love the print, else you’ll find yourself desperate to replace them.


Something you should watch out for is whether your cushions come with a feather or hollow fibre pad. The first choice is always duck feather, they are far comfier than a hollow fibre pad, but they come with a major flaw. Some people can be allergic to feather pads and so they should make sure to get hollow fibre pads instead. It sounds like a small thing, but it can make all the difference between enjoying cushions and hating them.

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